From Architecture to Education

by Accolades Staff
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Assistant Professor Christopher Wright

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Educational background: Bachelor of Architecture (Hampton University), master’s degree in technology education (University of Maryland Eastern Shore), and doctorate in science education (Tufts University)


Why he switched careers from architect to educator: “I realized that my first career choice was just not the right one for me. I entered a graduate program for technology education, and that was definitely the right fit! Once I started teaching I never left.”

His teaching role model: “Definitely my dad, George Wright Jr. He was an educator who worked with underserved populations in Baltimore his whole life—both as a teacher and a vice principal. I volunteered in his school for community service and saw his positive impact first hand.”

Current project: “With the help of a grant, my project, Multimedia Engineering Notebook Tools to Support Engineering Discourse in Urban Elementary Classrooms, seeks to develop, implement, and study multimedia engineering notebook tools that support urban elementary students’ engagement in engineering practices. We focus on the practices of planning/brainstorming and redesign, and within those practices, the activity of reflection on design decisions—both one’s own design decisions and the design decisions of others. I’ve been working with students at Maynard Elementary and Green Math and Science Magnet School.”