70 Years Later

Alma Mount Abernathy graduated from UT in 1942 with a degree in home economics. Now 96, Alma was surprised this summer by her daughters and grandson with a trip to Rocky Top. Continue reading

Norm Witek

Norm Witek (’68 & ’69) is a retired from Brevard College as a professor and cross country coach. And he is the only nonprofessional athlete
to have an athletic shoe named after him by a major shoe company. Continue reading

Going Natural

This summer, the Early Learning Center hosted its first annual Early Learning Institute, Cultivating Our Natural Learning Community. During the two-day institute, … Continue reading

Student to Watch: Jennifer Russomanno

Eating healthy can be expensive, and buying fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers is often not an option for people who depend on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Jennifer Russomanno, a graduate student in public health, is hoping to shed some light on the barriers for small rural farmers’ markets that seek to implement a program to provide an avenue for SNAP recipients to gain access to healthier foods. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time

It’s no secret how important reading is in the development of young minds. So we asked three experts from the Center for Children’s and Young Adult Literature to write about emerging trends in children’s literature and the increasingly popular genres of young adult lit and graphic novels. Continue reading

Out of the Debris

When a roof collapse at Jefferson County High School in July 2013 destroyed the drama department, Billie Yardley (BS ’77, MS ’82) was determined to
continue teaching her students about using their creativity. Her challenge then became how to tap into her own. Continue reading