Julia Jakel

Julia Jakel
Assistant Professor,
Child and Family StudiesJulia Jakel

Hometown: Essen in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany

Educational background: I studied clinical psychology with
a thesis on the long-term goals homeless Bolivian mothers have for their children. My PhD in developmental psychology focused on Turkish immigrant preschool children. I
then began a long postdoc phase in the UK and Germany and received my higher doctorate from the Ruhr-University Bochum in 2015.

About her research: I am studying human development across the life course. For example, I investigate how early biological and environmental factors influence adult health and success. My main interest is protective factors that help at-risk
children develop their full potential.

Together with my colleague Hillary Fouts, I study African refugee mothers’ protective infant care practices. My husband, Nils Jaekel (TPTE), and I investigate how
bilingualism influences executive functions, and I also conduct randomized trials evaluating educational interventions.

Favorite thing about living in Knoxville: Everyone is incredibly friendly! I love the Southern climate (eating outside all year around) and being close to the mountains.

Maybe most importantly, Knoxville is a great place for kids. My three sons enjoy playing soccer at Lakeshore Park, exploring Ijams, and we love having picnics and barbeques with other families.

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